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Comedian, co-emperor of The Bugle podcast,
purveyor of high-calibre disinformation since 1974

Hello. I am comedian Andy Zaltzman. I am one half of The Bugle podcast, alongside Mr John Oliver. This is my new official website. My previous official website contained one page, which I updated once every two years over a two-year period of existence. I will try harder this time. Honestly. I'll probably put up around 50 new pages every day.

In the meantime, however, it contains one page. This one. It does, however, include a link to all 150-plus episodes of The Bugle. Do not listen to them all back-to-back. It will permanently affect your relationship with the world. There is also a link to the stuff I write about cricket for

I'll flesh out the website at some point in the next few weeks or years. I might even add a list of the live gigs I'm doing. Yes, I'll definitely do that.

Zaltzman, 36

containing every single episode of the universe's leading audio newspaper for a visual world, dating back to October 2007, plus sub-episodes and extraneous microepisodes - around 100 unadulterated hours of satire, bullshit and puns.


The Bugle twitter feed.
Important lies in an ocean of pointless facts.

The most misinformative cricket feed
currently available to humanity.

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